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The Burning Empire: Prologue :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 0 1
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Stories :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 7 25
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The Lady In Red: Chapter Ten :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 0 8
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History of the Wolf :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 1 3
A screenshot by blizzardwolf1 A screenshot :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 1 28
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The Meaning Of Evil :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 225 70
On The Originality Of Ideas
       Let's face it. Original ideas are in short supply these days. The global apocalypse has been done to death. Martian invasions, rogue artificial intelligences, and sappy love stories where the hero gets the girl, and pulls it out against all odds in the end are boring. Like a bad magic trick, we've seen it all before.
        It's the same old notion that there's nothing left to write about, the one where everything has been done, and everything else is just a rehash of it in some way or another. According to the literary doomsayers, originality has run out, or if it hasn't yet, it will.
        Any long-term writer has heard this argument at least once in his life, and some people will actually go to great lengths to defend it, as if they're more satisfied with its bleary outlook, instead of the notion that the dwindling of ideas is just an illusion. But it is.
:iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 10 32
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The Lady In Red: Chapter Nine :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 0 15
Mature content
The Cruel Hand Of Death :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 8 20
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The Lady In Red: Chapter Eight :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 1 9
Mature content
Tapestry :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 15 39
Mature content
The Lady In Red: Chapter Seven :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 0 10
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The Lady In Red: Chapter Six :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 0 8
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The Lady In Red: Chapter Five :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 0 12
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City In The Dark: Chapter Two :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 0 6
Mature content
City In The Dark: Chapter One :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 0 10

Random Favourites

What My Mother Has Taught Me
My mother has told me,
"I'm waiting for the world to devour you,
Then lick its lips,
Savoring your vile taste.
I'm waiting for the world to corrupt your dreams
The way it did mine."
Her voice is soft in my ear
When she bitterly assures me
That this happiness will not last.
She does not seem to think my optimism
Will help me much.
With a shrug she smirks.
"It's just a matter of time.
I am only waiting
On the inevitable."
When my mask finally slips
To show the tears I harbor
She chuckles quietly, brings her lips to my ear
"What did I tell you?"
She whispers triumphantly.
"Like mother like daughter.
The world doesn't want you, either."
:iconwishingwellofwonder:wishingwellofwonder 3 9
Mature content
The Bibles -internets edishun :iconfleeet:fleeet 2,163 806
Well Weathered
My mother used to tell a story about the time she was small and it rained frogs. My gran's story involved a thunderbolt that came down the chimney and into her front room. This is my story about a natural oddity that will no doubt become embellished over the coming years as it is told and retold to related children. I am calling this a work of non-fiction just as my mother and grandmother littered their stories with assurances that every gem and twist in the tale was absolutely true. However, we live in times where elders are no longer granted unquestioning listeners who would not doubt for a single second that the story being told to them by their much loved and ineffably wise kin could be fabricated, so I will tell you that most of my story is true. By most I mean the bones and meat really happened, and really happened to me, but the potatoes, carrots and Yorkshire puddings have been neatly placed on the plate and sprinkled with salt and various sauces to make the meal more appetisin
:iconimperfect:imperfect 11 22
One's mind drifts to odd places when they are free falling into Hell. It drifts especially far when the only thing preventing certain doom is a glorified sheet of green silk. H, Private James McNamara was dangling over a nightmare, hanging only by a few threads. Even so, the  101st Airborne Division soldier found his thoughts drifting to chocolate.
Thoughts flooded into his terrified mind, thoughts of the near tasteless, condensed bars crammed into his musette bag, of the sinful, delicious smell of the chocolate factory back home in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Onward his mind drifted, now focusing on his mother's chocolate chip cookies of all things, and filling him with a longing to be home to eat one. He yearned for any thought, any memory to keep his mind off of his fall. McNamara, like so many thousands of others, was falling by parachute into the coastal region of Normandy, France.
On this cool June night over France, he didn't want to think about things such as how he had no
:iconslyfox6428:Slyfox6428 5 3
The Last Night On Earth
The Last Night On Earth
by Joshua Goudreau
    I was always that freckle faced tomboy kid.  I was awkward and didn't have many friends. I was picked on and teased for my red hair.  Simply put, I was never anything special.  That image stuck with me as I moved through my teen years and into adulthood.  Men never really flirted with me and I was never one that stood out in a crowd.
    William, however, was different.  Why he came to me that night I don't quite understand.  My friend Shannon had dragged me there to celebrate my twenty-fourth birthday though the scene wasn't my thing.  The club was full of hot bodies, scantily clad, gyrating across the floor.  Why he came up to the frumpy girl in the corner in jeans and a turtleneck I'll never know.
    He was tall and handsome.  His dark hair was pulled into a tight ponytail and he w
:iconeaterofthedead:EaterOfTheDead 5 36
Chicago at night by Take-My-Smile Chicago at night :icontake-my-smile:Take-My-Smile 1 4 - Phlex - by Pla-Tipus - Phlex - :iconpla-tipus:Pla-Tipus 30 20 Storm by en-tyrael Storm :iconen-tyrael:en-tyrael 3,837 535 Abandoned salem prison by jackums Abandoned salem prison :iconjackums:jackums 9 2
Your last resort
~July 12, 2005~
Overwhelm by pure happiness
I have only experienced with you
I live each day in search
Of that same merriment
That I had with you
I replay these moments in my head
Like a broken record
         In my mind
My thoughts run to you
When depression makes love
          to my soul
never finding what I have felt
          so long ago
Days dragged by
Years slithered slowly
I trudged on with my life
    Expecting to one day see you
          Out of nowhere
                With open arms
                    And love in your eyes
I was searching endlessly for something that will never be there
You captured my heart
Yet you left it as well
    Miles away
The years flew by
While I was standing still
    Searching for you
Through the millions of faces
   You were never there
I finally found you
     Miles away
Once again
I felt my heart grow big with exclusive happiness
My body floated on a cloud of joy
Yet this cloud dissipated
As quic
:iconduckie2318:duckie2318 2 22
god strikes the city by twofifty god strikes the city :icontwofifty:twofifty 1,012 276 The Church by gizmodus The Church :icongizmodus:gizmodus 846 175 Her Silent Silhouette by arcipello Her Silent Silhouette :iconarcipello:arcipello 38,600 4,141 Capricorn by Aerythes Capricorn :iconaerythes:Aerythes 2,607 479 Not Quite Summer by DigitalJinx Not Quite Summer :icondigitaljinx:DigitalJinx 242 97


Stop Hating Smartasses by dinyctis Stop Hating Smartasses :icondinyctis:dinyctis 7,373 888 -because we share life- by fangedfem -because we share life- :iconfangedfem:fangedfem 83,190 15,760



Chasing the throne
United States
Current Residence: South Texas
Favourite genre of music: I don't have one. I literally like everything.
Favourite photographer: Suzi 9mm
Favourite style of art: Surrealism
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Itunes
Skin of choice: Mine
Favourite cartoon character: Spike, from Cowboy Bebop
Personal Quote: "I won't be stopped."
  • Listening to: I dunno. Suggest Something
  • Reading: From A Buick 8 - Stephen King
  • Watching: The Rock
  • Playing: Halo 2
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Milky goodness
Sorry, I'm working on a more detailed and serious entry for later, but in the interim, have some mindless entertainment!

1. The foot is as good a target as any.

2. Winners fuck the prom queen.

3. The head of the FBI will always be a GIANT asshole.

4. Green smoke and hypodermic needles the size of stiletto's will always save your ass.

5. You can't clip someone's balls off with a trimmer.

6. You CAN however take on a whole battalion of Force Recon Marines with 3 weeks' weapons training.

7. The SAS train fucking Jedi.

8. Always carry a gun so you can shoot out the airbag.

9. Don't shake on it. Asshole.

10. Ferarri's are remarkably easy to drive.

11. It is more valiant that each and every one of your men fight to the death, rather than survive and look for opportunities to sabotage operations later. Valiant, but not necessarily smart.

12. Nicholas Cage has got a deep-seated desire to play real life GTA.

13. You can go on one hell of a treasure hunt at Arlington Cemetary

14. Bring a quarter to your next interrogation.

15. The definition of a "combat situation" is oddly specific, and makes me think the U.S. government should keep better tabs on it's VX gas stockpiles.

16. Alexander Solzhenitsyn played for the *beep* Red Wings before being sent to the gulag.

17. People need to stop checking the safety.

18. It's a bad idea to fuck with Vietnam-era, honor-driven, Brigadier Generals.

19. A knife thrown at someone's throat will fly like a freaking dart.

20. Sean Connery has balls the size of Winchester Cathedral.

21. You're never too old to kick someones' ass.

Some of these shamelessly stolen from IMDB.


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